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AB Cheesemaking began in 2001. It was started by Christine (Chris) Ashby to offer consultancy and training in the dairy industry, focusing on cheese and fermented dairy product production.

Chris lives in Bottesford, Leicestershire which is in the Vale of Belvoir, where the majority of Stilton Cheese creameries are situated. Chris spent 12 years working with Stilton, and has developed a simple blue cheese recipe which has been used successfully by a number of specialist cheesemakers.


She spent 2 years working in Kenya, at a cheesemaking creamery, developing other dairy products for their already extensive range. In the 1990's, she worked in Milk Marque’s Product Development Centre, where, in 1998, with Val Bines, she started the short cheesemaking courses.

Chris enjoyed riding Ten out with Mollie, but since they passed on, has bought a share in a young horse, Rugan Josh, who started his eventing career in March 2008. He has progressed to Intermediate events, and is beginning to earn British Eventing points.  He has been joined by another horse, Rugan Minty, who started eventing in 2009, and is also doing pure dressage, with some success in his first few tests.  Chris has bought a share in Altandhu, another eventer, who started his career in 2010.


AB Cheesemaking has several associates, who are involved in the provision of the consultancy and training services. They also operate as consultants in their own right.

John Allison worked in a large cheesemaking factory for 35 years.  Originally the factory was making Cheshire cheese.  It was altered in the early 70's to make Cheddar, then mechanised in the mid 70's.  The factory was updated in the 90's.

John spent several years as Assistant Manager, and latterly as the Cheese Grading and Warehouse Manager, with responsibility for over £30 million worth of cheese.

John has judged cheese at shows throughout the UK. 

contact John direct at john.allison73@virgin.net




Merfyn Lewis has worked in the yogurt industry since the 1960’s when yogurt first became popular in the UK.

He was employed in a variety of positions, including factory manager and new product development manager. Now retired, he is involved in the Fermented Dairy Products Course, and also helps out dairy companies with product development.

Contact Merfyn direct on 01691 670393.








Paul Neaves runs Williams and Neaves, The Food Microbiologists. He has considerable microbiological experience in the food industry, and has published extensively.

Paul worked for the MMB Technical Division and has experience of many dairy issues, he is currently an IDF representative for the UK.

Paul runs the training course in speciality cheesemaking for Environmental Health Officers, in conjunction with AB Cheesemaking, on behalf of the Food Standards Agency. Contact Paul direct on wilnea@globalnet.co.uk


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